April 16, 2011

Sorry for the lack of blogging

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Sorry for the lack of blogging today: just after I posted the Guild Wars 2 round-up, we had a power outage that lasted a few hours. By the time the power came back on, I didn’t get any opportunity to get back to the blog. Normal blogging will resume on Sunday (I hope).

This week in Guild Wars 2 news

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I’ve been accumulating news snippets about the as-yet-to-be-formally-scheduled release of Guild Wars 2 for an email newsletter I send out to my friends and acquaintances in the Guild Wars community.

Another slow week, although we’ve been promised some big news starting on Monday, during Charr Week.

Part 1: Discussion of previous news

  • The Guild Wars community, by Rubi Bayer. “I hope ArenaNet appreciates what a fantastic community it has. I don’t mean to suggest that the developers and community team are not appreciative, but this time of year it always strikes me anew what an incredibly dedicated fanbase this company enjoys. The community talks freely with (and often at) the Guild Wars development and community teams, usually in a very casual and comfortable fashion — inside jokes and off-topic chats are as common as serious game discussion and feedback. I’m sure it can get overwhelming for the ANet team sometimes, but it speaks volumes about the community that it’s so entrenched, consistent, and knowledgeable about ArenaNet and the people behind it.”
  • NCsoft posted a retrospective video and photo gallery from this year’s PAX East show.

Part 2: Guild Wars news

  • No new Guild Wars information this week (not even a game update worth mentioning). If you’d like to keep track of the upcoming “Winds of Change” and other Guild Wars Beyond material, keep this page bookmarked.

Part 3: Guild Wars 2 news

  • “One of the major concerns of Guild Wars 2 fans is, for lack of a better word, depth. As I was listening to GuildCast the other day, one of their guests went into a long rant about how he thinks Guild Wars 2 doesn’t present any depth.”
  • More on the nomination of Ghosts of Ascalon for a Scribe award. “The IAMTW is an organization of writers who create works of fiction where the intellectual property rights are held by others — stuff like movie and game tie-ins, novelizations, and other shared world projects. This year Ghosts of Ascalon — a gripping tale that sets the stage for Guild Wars 2 — was nominated in the Speculative Original category.”
  • How to make MMOs better. “From both a business and a development standpoint, making and launching a new MMO is the most intimidating task in video games. Where does ArenaNet find such confidence and daring? What makes this unassuming studio, founded by a trio of ex-Blizzard staff in 2000 and with one game to its name, think it can take on the might of their former employer?”
  • Ten Ton Hammer: Why care? “If you haven’t been watching Guild Wars 2, then you’re missing history in the making. Let me tell you why!”
  • You might want to bookmark NowGamer’s website for next week (aka “Charr Week”):
    Monday — From 10am we have the first part of our exclusive interview with ArenaNet’s Jeff Grubb, Continuity and Lore Designer and John Peters, Game Designer. They talk about the story of Guild Wars 2, quests, skills and more — as well as an exclusive reveal.
    Tuesday — Day two features the broader half of our Guild Wars 2 interview, which takes in the plot, how the world has changed, the new microtransaction model, hints at where expansions could go and the future of Free2Play.
    Wednesday — Look out for exclusive images related to the Monday reveal.
    Thursday — Hit NowGamer at 5pm GMT for the world premiere of the official Guild Wars 2 reveal trailer.”

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