September 7, 2009

Toronto air show photos

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No, no, not mine . . . while I was caught in traffic along Lakeshore Boulevard on Saturday afternoon during the Snowbirds portion of the show, I took no photos. Aside from the occasional glimpse of one or more Snowbird aircraft, I managed to get a brief look at HMCS Ville de Quebec and a Canadian Coast Guard vessel.

Chris Taylor (proprietor and chief pilot of Taylor Empire Airways), however, is an air buff, and can be depended upon to be there with camera (and charged batteries), and to take photos.

Another record attempt?

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Along with all the other records Brett Favre currently holds, he apparently has a chance to break another long-standing record currently held by “Ironman” Jim Marshall:

Brett Favre will play his first regular-season game as a member of the Vikings on Sunday in Cleveland already holding just about every significant NFL career passing record.

Most touchdown passes? Favre’s got that one with 464. Yards? That belongs to Favre, too. Completions, attempts and yards? Check, check and check. Heck, Favre even has thrown the most interceptions.

But there is at least one record Favre stands to break this season — and the guy he would surpass couldn’t be happier about it. Favre will enter Sunday having played in 271 consecutive regular-season games, putting him 12 games from Jim Marshall’s longstanding record for a non-kicker or punter. (Punter Jeff Feagles has appeared in 336 consecutive games.)

PSA: Back up your data

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I’ve been having frequent enough issues with my various computers that backing up regularly (which I’ve done for years) isn’t as simple as it used to be. Now that I’m running both a desktop and a laptop machine (at least, when the desktop gets back from the repair shop), plus everyone else in the household’s machines, my old backup strategy fell flat.

My old strategy was each machine on the network using the same backup software (Cobian Backup 9) to create differential backup files — only saving the files that changed since the last complete backup was taken — and storing them on a secondary hard drive on my desktop machine.

As you can tell, there’s an easily defined point of failure there: if my machine isn’t online or there’s an issue with the secondary hard drive, the backups will fail to run. So we’ve been over a week now without the usual backups being taken.

My short-term strategy is just to worry, but my longer-term strategy is to buy something like this, a 2Tb network drive with RAID 1 (disk mirroring). That still leaves a point of failure in the process, but with RAID, I can hope that unless both drives in the unit fail at the same time, there’s only a small chance of serious data loss.

Update: That just figures . . . it’s now marked as unavailable, but the 1Tb NAS is still in stock.

Update, the second: Here’s an up-to-date article on backup strategies.

QotD: Environmentalism as religion-replacement

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It never ceases to amaze me that people who say we can “save the planet” by wearing a jumper or growing our own veg are treated with the utmost seriousness, while those who argue that tackling climate change might require some larger-scale projects — such as geo-engineering the Earth — are treated as sci-fi freaks who should stick to reading Philip K Dick novels and stop polluting public debate with their insane ideas.

When it comes to climate change, the only acceptable debate, it seems, is how we can encourage ordinary people to do less, consume less and fly less. Bigger and more far-reaching ideas about how we might offset the impact of climate change are elbowed off the agenda.

This reveals something profound about environmentalism: it is not really a campaign to find solutions to the practical problem of climate change, but rather has become a semi-religious, almost medieval demonisation of human behaviour as dirty and destructive. This is really a priestly, ideological effort to lower people’s horizons and expectations, rather than a focused attempt to create a less polluted planet.

Brendan O’Neill, “Wearing thermals won’t save the planet: Why is the 10:10 campaign, with its pledges to turn off lights and grow more veg, taken more seriously than geo-engineering?”, The Guardian, 2009-09-02

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