May 30, 2017

The Disgusting Contents of Worcestershire Sauce (and Why It s Called That)

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Published on 27 Mar 2017

In this video:

Worcestershire sauce, sometimes known as “Worcester sauce” is a savoury sauce that is often added to meat and fish dishes or, if you like your alcoholic beverages, the Bloody Mary cocktail. It may (or may not depending on how much you research your sauce choices) surprise you to learn that it’s literally made from fermented fish and spices.

Want the text version?: http://www.todayifoundout.com/index.php/2013/10/worcestershire-sauce-called/


  1. Of course rotted fish sauce was a great favorite among the Romans!

    Comment by steve muhlberger — May 30, 2017 @ 08:25

  2. I think it’s mentioned ever-so-briefly in the video. As a child, when I read about the Roman love of garum or liquamen, I imagined something that smelled and tasted like rotting fish (and there were plenty of rotting fish on the shores of Lake Ontario in the late 60s/early 70s). Once I managed to get that thought out of my head, it made perfect sense … they were looking for Worcester Sauce, but it hadn’t quite been perfected yet.

    Comment by Nicholas — May 30, 2017 @ 09:15

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