January 11, 2018

William Gibson: The Gernsback Continuum – Semiotic Ghosts – #8

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Extra Credits
Published on Jan 9, 2018

Ways that we dream about the world sometimes create a shared vision that we start to believe is real. When William Gibson first explored these “semiotic ghosts” of a pristine American future in the Gernsback Continuum, he showed how these visions of modern technology can separate us from our own reality and the personal meaning our world should hold for us.

Sell the sizzle works, for a while, but even names with “blockchain” still have to produce something

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Remember the media splash — and stock price boost — that the Long Island Iced Tea Company got by rebranding themselves as Long Blockchain? The rest of the plan apparently isn’t playing out quite as the company may have hoped:

… today Long Blockchain announced it was scrapping the stock offering. The company says that it’s still planning to buy bitcoin-mining hardware. However, Long Blockchain says that it “can make no assurances that it will be able to finance the purchase of the mining equipment.”

Where the company might get the money to buy the mining equipment is unclear. Antminer S9 mining hardware lists for upwards of $5,000, so it would cost millions of dollars to get 1,000 units. Long Blockchain’s most recent financial disclosure shows the company with only $429,000 in cash on hand in September.

The company’s press release didn’t explain the sudden turnaround, but it seems the stock market wasn’t thrilled by the plan to sell new shares. Long Blockchain’s stock price fell on Friday, the day the plan was announced, then soared this morning when the plan was scrapped. The stock is still worth more than double its value before the blockchain pivot was announced last month.

The broader question is why it makes sense for a beverage company to get into the blockchain business in the first place. In principle, you could imagine the company looking for ways to use blockchains to improve its core business — by optimizing supply chain management, for example.

Maybe I should rethink my plan to rebrand as Quotulatiousness BLOCKCHAIN

5 Tips For A Small Wood Workshop – making the most of your space

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Rag ‘n’ Bone Brown
Published on 30 Jul 2016

Five tips for making the most of the space in your small workshop.

Here are links to the other workshop project videos I mentioned:
Making a stand/mobile base for the electric planer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VP0X7F…
Making a workbench http://goo.gl/Z521Dk
Making a mitre saw station part 1 http://goo.gl/s4vtvC
Making a mitre saw station part 2 http://goo.gl/4N4iX5

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QotD: Regime uncertainty

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Washington’s destructive policies have been dubbed “regime uncertainty” in a strand of innovative analyses pioneered by Robert Higgs of the Independent Institute. Regime uncertainty relates to the likelihood that an investor’s private property — namely, the flows of income and services it yields — will be attenuated by government action. As regime uncertainty is elevated, private investment is notched down from where it would have been. This can result in a business-cycle bust and even economic stagnation. I recommend Higgs’ most recent book for evidence on the negative effects of regime uncertainty: Robert Higgs. Taking a Stand: Reflections on Life Liberty, and the Economy. Oakland, CA: The Independent Institute, 2015.

Steve Hanke, “What’s Killing U.S. Growth?”, Huffington Post, 2016-04-12.

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