January 2, 2018

What I was reading in 2017

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I read a fair number of books, magazines, and other printed publications, but I read far more online these days than “dead tree” stuff. These were the new (or new-to-me) books I got through last year:

Matt Ridley, Genome: The autobiography of a species in 23 chapters, 978-0-06-089408-5
Larry Correia, Hard Magic, 978-1-4516-3824-0
Richard Blake, Crown of Empire, 978-1-5347-1472-4
Barbara Tuchman, The Zimmermann Telegram, 0-345-28152-7
Arturo Pérez-Reverte, The Fencing Master, 0-15-600684-7
Don & Petie Kladstrup, Champagne: How the world’s most glamorous wine triumphed over war, 978-0-06-073792-4
James Chambers, The Devil’s Horsemen: The Mongol Invasion of Europe, 0-7607-4798-9
Larry Correia, Monster Hunter Memoirs: Grunge, 978-1-4767-8149-5
Margaret MacMillan, The Uses and Abuses of History, 978-0-14-305478-8
Admiral W.H. Smyth, The Sailor’s Word-Book, 1-897030-05-3
Adrian Goldsworthy, The Complete Roman Army, 978-0-500-28899-3
Lois McMaster Bujold, Penric and the Shaman, 978-1-59606-815-5
Edward N. Luttwak, The Grand Strategy of the Roman Empire: From the First Century CE, 978-1-4214-1945-9
George Orwell, A Kind of Compulsion: 1903-1936, 0-43620-542-4
Kevin Lippert, War Plan Red: The United States’ Secret Plan to Invade Canada, 978-1-61689-352-1
Howard Tayler, Seventy Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries, 978-1-9451-2003-9
Saul David, 100 Days to Victory: How the Great War was fought & won 1914-1918, 978-1-444-76338-6
Stephen Clarke, How the French Won Waterloo (or think they did), 978-1-7808-9376-1
Ted Barris, Victory at Vimy: Canada Comes of Age, April 9-12, 1917, 978-0-88762-253-3
Jonathon Riley, 1813: Empire at Bay – The Sixth Coalition & the Downfall of Napoleon, 1-7830-3397-5
Larry Correia, Son of the Black Sword, 978-1-4767-8157-0
Larry Correia, Monster Hunter Memoirs: Sinners, 978-1-4767-8183-9
Larry Correia, Monster Hunter Nemesis, 978-1-4767-8053-5
George Orwell, Facing Unpleasant Facts: 1937-1939, 0-436-20538-6
G.R. Potter, The New Cambridge Modern History I: The Renaissance, 1493-1520, 978-0-521-04541-4
David Kynaston, Modernity Britain: A Shake of the Dice, 1959-1962, 978-1-4088-4439-7
Nic Fields, AD69: Emperors, Armies & Anarchy, 978-1-78159-188-8
Adrian Goldsworthy, Pax Romana: War, Peace and Conquest in the Roman World, 978-0-300-17882-1
Larry Correia, Spellbound, 978-1-4516-3859-2
George Orwell, All Propaganda is Lies: 1941-1942, 0-436-20364-2
P.G. Wodehouse, The Code of the Woosters, 978-0-393-33981-9
G.R. Elton, The New Cambridge Modern History II: The Reformation, 1520-1559, 978-0-5213-4536-1
David Weigel, The Show That Never Ends: The rise and fall of prog rock, 978-0-393-24225-6
Neil Gaiman, Norse Mythology, 978-0-393-60909-7
B.H. Liddell Hart, The War in Outline: 1914-1918
Sarah D’Almeida, Death of a Musketeer, 978-0-7394-7670-3
George Orwell, Two Wasted Years: 1943, 0-436-40409-5
Robert Heinlein, Time for the Stars,
R.B. Wernham, The New Cambridge Modern History III: The Counter-Reformation and the Price Revolution 1559-1610, 0-521-04543-6
Lawrence James, Raj: The Making and Unmaking of British India, 978-0-312-26382-9
J.P. Cooper, The New Cambridge Modern History IV: The Decline of Spain and the Thirty Years War, 1609-48/59, 0-521-07618-8
Camille Paglia, Free Women – Free Men: Sex, Gender, Feminism, 978-0-375-42477-9
F.L. Carsten, The New Cambridge Modern History V: The Ascendancy of France, 1648-1688, 0-521-04544-4
George Orwell, I Have Tried To Tell the Truth: 1943-1944, 0-436-20552-1
H.C. Darby, The New Cambridge Modern History: Atlas, 978-0-5210-7708-8
Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, 0-14-044140-9
Charles Stross, The Delirium Brief, 978-0-7653-9466-8
George Orwell, I Belong to the Left: 1945, 0-436-20554-8
George Orwell, Smothered Under Journalism: 1946, 978-0-436-20556-9
J.S. Bromley, The New Cambridge Modern History VI: The Rise of Great Britain and Russia, 1688-1725, 0-521-07524-6
Thomas E. Ricks, Churchill & Orwell: The Fight for Freedom, 978-1-59420-613-9
Patrick Macnee, Blind in One Ear, 0-245-54674-X
J.O. Lindsay, The New Cambridge Modern History VII: The Old Regime 1713-63, 978-0-521-04545-2
Richard Holmes, Sahib: The British Soldier in India, 0-00-713754-0
Kelly and Zach Weinersmith, Soonish: Ten Emerging Technologies That’ll Improve and/or Ruin Everything, 978-0-399-56382-9
Laura M. Mac Donald, Curse of the Narrows: The Halifax Explosion 1917, 978-0-00-200787-0
Larry Correia, Warbound, 978-1-4767-3652-5
Lois McMaster Bujold, Penric’s Mission, 978-1-59606-844-5
Bernard Crick, George Orwell: A Life, 0-436-11450-X
Philip Kaplan, Rolling Thunder: A Century of Tank Warfare, 1-7815-9243-8
Boris Johnson, The Churchill Factor: How one man made history, 978-1-444-78305-6
Scott Wynn, Woodworker’s Guide to Handplanes, 978-1-56523-453-6
Paul Sellers, Essential Woodworking Handtools, 978-0-9934-3430-8

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