November 13, 2017

Vikings beat Washington 38-30 in DC

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The Vikings play Washington so frequently, this almost seemed like a divisional game. Case Keenum was having a really good game up until back-to-back interceptions allowed Washington to (almost) climb back into contention. Both errant passes were intended for tight end Kyle Rudolph, but both went instead to D.J. Swearinger. For a $2 million investment, Minnesota has had fantastic production from their backup quarterback, but this game showed why he’s never been able to lock down a starting role. When the Vikings defence is on their game, all Keenum needs to do is keep the chains moving and avoid turnovers — this wasn’t one of the times that the vaunted Vikings D was showing at their best (Everson Griffen was not active for the game, and demonstrated how much he provides to the team).

That said, I still hope that the Vikings offer Keenum an extension to stay with the team for at least 2018, but still as a backup to Teddy Bridgewater (or, if Teddy really can’t get back to his pre-injury form, Sam Bradford).

At the Daily Norseman, Ted Glover gets back to doing the Stock Market Report:

Buy: The Vikings offensive line is the main difference between the 2016 and 2017 offense. We really haven’t talked about the offensive line a lot, and that’s my fault. This line, from left to right, to a man, has been the main reason this team is 7-2. Yeah, the defense is elite, I get it, and the running game and receivers have evolved, I get it, but it all starts with this offensive line. They are opening holes for the running backs, and it’s actually surprising when a Vikings quarterback gets pressured, much less sacked. Speaking of that, Vikings quarterbacks have only been sacked 10 times in nine games this year. Four of them came in one game, when a mostly defenseless Sam Bradford was sacked four times against the Bears back in week three. It’s a remarkable reversal, and for all the grief we have (rightly) given GM Rick Spielman for assembling a really bad o-line the last 3-4 years, he deserves credit for making moves in free agency and the draft to fix the problem.

Sell: Mike Remmers can come back at any time, though. As good as the starters have been, the backups have played very well when called upon. Jeremiah Sirles, Danny Isidora, and Rashod Hill have been more than adequate back ups, and the depth is something that’s just as impressive. Still, we don’t need to have a repeat of ‘hey you in the fifth row can you play on the offensive line’ level of injuries again. it was good to see Nick Easton back in the starting lineup today, and Mike Remmers can return any time he wants to.

Buy: Teddy Bridgewater is going to play, soon. I think everyone was happy to see Teddy in uniform today, whether he played or not. There were rumors before the game that he might get a series or two, but it didn’t work out that way. I thought when the Vikings went up 35-17 to open the half, he might have come in for a series if the defense had held Washington on their first second half series, and later in the 4th quarter he put his helmet on and started warming up, but Keenum went wire to wire. But Bridgewater will play, sooner rather than later.

Sell: Teddy Bridgewater should have come in to play today. As much as I want to see him on the field, it made sense not to put him in today. It really had nothing to do with the opponent or the turf (like seriously did Washington hire the Soldier Field ground crew my goodness), but the game situation. I thought if 35-17 had stayed 35-17 we’re not having this conversation, but 35-20 is still a two score game, and I get Keenum coming back out to try and put the game away. He did the opposite, coughing it up twice and letting Washington back to within one score, and then, barring injury, there was no way Teddy was coming back in unless Keenum completely fell apart.

Buy: The Adam Thielen ‘Leap Frog’ TD celebration. We have a new contender for the best TD celebration of the year. The leader at the turn was Duk Duck Gray Duck, but the celebration after Thielen’s TD might have … wait for it … leapfrogged the duck.

Sell: The Stefon Diggs ‘Hug The Goal Post’ Celebration. Diggs has had some creative TD celebrations, but today’s? Yeah, not so good. You can’t use the goal post as a prop, Diggs did, and it cost the Vikings 15 yards on the ensuing kickoff. That improved field position set the Redskins up to start their drive, and they scored a touchdown.

Hold: The David Morgan ‘Classic’ TD celebration. When Morgan scored and spiked the ball I tweeted something to the effect that it was a Dollar General celebration, but it was quickly pointed out to me that the spike is an all time classic celebration. And it is. You can’t go wrong with the spike, and when you only score once or twice a year, celebrate however you want. As long as you don’t use the goal post for a prop.

So the 7-2 Vikings return home to face the 7-2 Los Angeles Rams, and the inside track to the second seed in the NFC and a first round playoff bye is on the line.

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