January 2, 2014

QotD: Why progressive policy ideas get more media attention

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When it comes to crafting winning political narratives, progressives have a natural advantage over conservatives. That’s because progressives have a free hand to project rosy visions of the future while conservatives must constantly defend against progressives’ distorted depictions of the past.

Two fundamental techniques undergird progressives’ success at narrative spinning. The first is skillful framing of the debate through investing heavily in public opinion making machinery. This disarms critics while giving lawmakers cover to vote for bills they’ve neither read nor understood. Thus framed, policies are judged only by their stated intentions, never their actual results. This allows politicians to promote new pieces of legislation named for their lofty objectives, even if the thousands of pages of vague and contradictory content deliver just the opposite.

The second is dodging all responsibility for failure. This is accomplished by blaming insufficient resources, the prior administration, the greedy 1 percent, sabotage by Republicans, or even the people’s obdurate failure to appreciate the progressive benefits conferred upon them. When the going gets tough, reality can be dismissed with a slogan. Forward!

Bill Frezza, “2013: The Year The Progressive Narrative Collided With Reality”, Forbes, 2013-12-30

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  1. We only have to look down south at the Affordable Care Act to see the truth in story. Not only do “progressives” get away with projecting a rosy outcome, but the media cheer leaders refuse to challenge their assumptions and conclusions to the same degree as they do with “conservatives”. Lest we forget that “progressives” are all about feelings and less about logic, where “conservatives” are soulless, unfeeling, uncaring monsters who are only concerned with the bottom line.

    Comment by Dwayne — January 2, 2014 @ 12:06

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