September 16, 2013

Day-late dog photos

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A few weeks back, we said goodbye to our older dog, Buffy. Yesterday, we welcomed the newest member of the pack, Maggie:

Maggie and Xander on an introductory walk before we adopted her

Maggie and Xander on an introductory walk before we adopted her

Maggie is a rescue dog from Oklahoma. She’s part Corgi and part Basset Hound (the original rescue group noted her being a “Basset Mix”). We were told she’s about two years old, but she seems younger to us. She’s had at least one batch of puppies but has now been spayed.

Maggie and Xander got on well during our introductory walk at the rescue group, and they’ve played very well together since we picked her up yesterday. The rescue group has a minimum 24-hour cooling off period after you agree to adopt one of their dogs … I guess they had too many people changing their minds very soon after taking on a dog.

After we picked her up yesterday afternoon, we brought her back to the house and then took both dogs for a long walk around the area. Both of them were eager to walk and didn’t object to the other one being along for the experience. We got home and Xander came in first, followed by Maggie, then it was out to the back yard for exploration and some rough-housing. She’s very affectionate and moves very quickly, so getting a clear photo of her was a bit of a challenge … here she is just having come up for a quick petting before she goes and chases Xander again:

Maggie in the backyard 20130915

One of our key concerns about getting another dog was that any new addition would have to be able to cope with Xander’s combination of high energy and occasional fits of idiocy: Maggie already seems to have his number and plays with him very well indeed. It helps that she’s nearly as heavy as he is, but built closer to the ground: she can push him around when she really tries. I think he’s enjoying having another dog in the house again, and he almost certainly needs the exercise!


  1. Part Bassett and part Corgi?

    So she’s a Bagi?

    Comment by cirby — September 16, 2013 @ 08:27

  2. I’m sure there are worse terms we could invent. 😉

    Comment by Nicholas — September 16, 2013 @ 09:19

  3. On further review, as they say, we think the “Basset Hound” on her papers is imaginary. She seems to be more Corgi and Dachshund, with no identifiable Basset that we see. So, “Dorgi” rather than “Bagi” 😉

    Comment by Nicholas — September 18, 2013 @ 20:06

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