December 21, 2012

The funny side of the sex trade

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In the National Post, David Granirer talks about a stand-up comedy therapy program he runs to help people suffering from mental illness find ways to cope with their issues. He also ran the program for women in the sex trade and provides a few jokes from a recent performance by members of the program:

* “I’ve been in detox. While I was there I took a lifeskills course. They taught me how to shop, how to manage money, and how to pay my dealer on time so he’ll keep fronting me drugs.”

* “When you’re selling drugs on the street everyone wants to trade clothes for drugs. You can get a $200 pair of jeans for a $10 rock. Why would you go to Winners after that?”

[. . .]

* “When I first started in sex trade, a friend and I went down to the stroll and I get into a car with 2 guys. At first I thought it was kinky that they were into handcuffs, but then I found out they were cops.”

* “But the sex trade is a business like any other. If a john can’t pay I turn it over to my collection agency – 2 guys with baseball bats.”

* “As a sex trade worker you have to be a psychologist. The only difference is a psychologist’s clients don’t ask to be peed on.”

This week in Guild Wars 2

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My weekly Guild Wars 2 community round-up at GuildMag is now online. With Wintersday in full swing, there are lots of guides and commentaries about the new content for the event, and ArenaNet is gathering a swath of end-of-year awards from various gaming sites. All that, plus the usual blog posts, videos, podcasts, and fan fiction from around the GW2 community.

Just in case…

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Externalities explained

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H/T to Popehat for the link.

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