November 12, 2012

Firefox users more likely to stay on old version longer than other browser users

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John Leyden summarizes the recent findings about how quickly users update their web browsers after a new release:

Nearly one in four netizens are using outdated web browsers and are therefore easy pickings for viruses and exploit-wielding crooks.

The average home user upgrades his or her browser to the latest version one month after it is released, according to a survey of 10 million punters. Two thirds of those using old browser software are simply stuck on the version prior to the latest release — the remaining third are using even older code.

Internet Explorer is the most popular browser (used by 37.8 per cent of consumers), closely followed by Google Chrome (36.5 per cent). Firefox is in third place with 19.5 per cent.

Firefox users tend to be the worst for keeping up to date with new software releases, according to the survey by security biz Kaspersky Lab. The proportion of users with the most recent version installed was 80.2 per cent for Internet Explorer and 79.2 per cent for Chrome, but just 66.1 per cent for Firefox.

Old-codgers Internet Explorer 6 and 7, with a combined share of 3.9 per cent, are still used by hundreds of thousands of punters worldwide.


  1. I can still accesss the temporary Cache folder to copy-rename-move any just played audio files from an older Firefox browser.

    Comment by CQ — November 12, 2012 @ 12:50

  2. Is that a “Win” for older browsers or a “Let’s sue him” marker for the RIAA? 😉

    Comment by Nicholas — November 12, 2012 @ 13:01

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