February 20, 2012

Cello Wars

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Reports from the Guild Wars 2 press beta weekend

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I’ll be busy for much of this morning, working on a big aggregation post over at GuildMag (Dutch Sunshine is the author, I’m just assisting in the background). Today is when the press embargo will lift for this past weekend’s press beta event. I’ll eventually update this post with information from there.

Update: Of course, we’ve been so busy with the aggregation that I didn’t even notice a typo in the headline for several hours

Update, the second (21 February): I really had intended to come back and update this post with some of the highlights from the beta event, but there is literally too much material to go through. Dutch Sunshine and I worked all of yesterday, and we’re still finding more to add to the post today (actually, Dutch is doing that … today isn’t a holiday for me). All I can recommend is going to the updated post at GuildMag for what I believe to be the most comprehensive collection of links.

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