January 15, 2011

Toronto really isn’t part of Canada

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If Toronto was part of Canada, why would a forecast of five centimetres of snow (that’s about two inches) require a special weather statement from Environment Canada?

Really, Toronto? Five measly centimetres and you need a special “OMG! Snow!” notice from the weather folks? That’s too silly for parody.

I mentioned it to Elizabeth before starting this post, and she suggested that it’s another attempt to set up the media template for next year: “Look at the huge increase in special weather statements for the GTA over the last few years. Clearly this proves [global warming | climate change | climate chaos] is real.”

Fine wine as an investment

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While I personally think wine is a terrible choice for an investment vehicle, I’m at odds with a lot of people with more money than sense who choose to diversify their investments to include fine wine. However, it may not be the best kind of diversification:

The search for safe investments and risk hedging has apparently led some in recent years to start investing in fine wines. “In the past, one of the attractions of fine wine as an asset was its non-correlation with mainstream financial markets,” wrote the Financial Times‘ John Stimfig in 2009. “This provided investors with valuable portfolio diversification.” What could be less closely linked to the Fed funds rate than whether or not it was a good year for Bordeaux? But now the FT reports that a new paper by two IMF economists, Serhan Cevik and Tahsin Saadi Sedik, says that if this were ever true, it’s not anymore. Fine wine prices are just like oil, they find: they go up or down depending on how the rest of the economy is doing.

Indian model photoshopped against her will

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It’s no secret that most of the images used for magazine covers have had a healthy dose of Photoshoppery, but this is a few filters too far:

Leave it to ELLE Magazine to photochop the world’s most beautiful woman. Aishwarya Rai, the reigning queen of Indian cinema, model and classically trained dancer is currently on the cover of ELLE India — several shades lighter. Rai’s skin has been lightened and her dark brown hair appears to have a red tint to it.

The Times of India reported the former Miss World is “furious with the bleaching botch-up” and is considering taking legal action against ELLE.

ELLE’s mission is to make women “chic and smart, guide their self-expression, and encourage their personal power,” but their recent covers could lead readers to believe that “chic, smart and personal empowerment” only comes to those with light skin.

H/T to Tim Harford for the link.

What do you do when you find something cool on the Internet?

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If you’re cool, you do something like this:

Original work by Caldy and Rosscott. H/T to Royce McDaniels for bringing it to my attention.

Remember, kids, everytime you re-use someone’s creative work on the Internet without giving credit, God (or your Deity of choice) kills a kitten. Don’t make God (or your Deity of choice) kill any more kittens!

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