January 5, 2011

Starting to recover

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Whatever the bug was, it pretty much wiped me out for the last 36-48 hours. While I wasn’t actually running (much of) a fever, I was getting all the joys of fever dreams interrupting what sleep I could get. I’d manage to fall asleep, then whatever dream I was having would segue into a weird kind of video game (think something like Tetris or Bejewelled) with the same song clip playing over and over again (“Imelda” by Mark Knopfler). I’d wake up, overheated and sweaty, throw off the covers, chill down again, cover up and go back to sleep. Repeat and repeat and repeat.

Physically, it wasn’t too bad (except for the express train running through my intestines), but my brain was running on far too little sleep. Hopefully it’s pretty much over.

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