December 22, 2009

QotD: Say goodbye to “global warming” and “climate change”

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This new terminology is more clever, for it neatly avoids the shortcomings of its clumsy forebears. It requires neither warming, nor change. Just television.

When blizzards descend on scientists and world leaders from Copenhagen to East Anglia to Washington, the warmists can now claim ownership.

When hurricane forecasts fall short of the mark, the propagandists can cite their very failure to support their scheme.

Warm winters, cold winters, more hurricanes, fewer hurricanes, growing ice caps, melting ice caps — directions won’t matter. Every “new” temperature record, every seasonal flood, every California hot spell, every dusting of snow in the south of France — in other words, local weather, reported globally, will return full force as evidence of anthropogenic climate crime, as it did in a simpler time when the ice conditions of a canal in Ottawa led to nationwide panic.

So, get ready to welcome the new talking point on the block: “climate instability“.

Kate McMillan, “Y2Kyoto: Climate Instability Just Around The Corner”, Small Dead Animals 2009-12-20


  1. While I can’t claim authorship, I like the recently spotted term, “Climate Scientology.”

    Comment by Junk Science Skeptic — December 22, 2009 @ 15:00

  2. “Climate Numerology” is another possible candidate. Perhaps “Global Phrenology”? (That is, the true believers need their heads examined.)

    Comment by Nicholas — December 22, 2009 @ 15:06

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